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  • Tiger Balm

    Discover our Celtic Tiger Balm free from paraffinum


  • Itch Ease

    A blend that soothes & releases itching from bites!


  • Transition Serum

    A Facial Serum with Letting-go Properties


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Therapeutic Oils handmade in Connemara
A Unique Formula Per Each Therapeutic Oil

A Unique Formula Per Each Therapeutic Oil

We only tailor therapeutic oils following a person specific needs to the aim to enhancing awareness and well-being in human beings. A consultation time is needed. Following your demand, goals and soul evolution, we will tailor and create your unique formulas on demand.

What we offer

Following your specific demand & needs

The essential oils vibration affects the energy fields of human beings challenging old patterns!

Human beings are all unique with their differences & characteristics.

A therapeutic & relaxing oil formula that works for someone may not work for another person, even if these 2 people have the same issues.

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Tailored Therapeutic Oils

To enhance awareness & well-being

Emotional, physiological, mental, energetic and spiritual issues.

Massage Sessions

To feel grounded, balanced & focused

Using essential oils, crystals, medicinal herbs or only by hands.


2 of hands-on intensive workshop trainings

Once Saturday a month in Naduir, Center for Holistic Health.


Naduir Holistic Centre, Saoirsinn, Furbo, co. Galway

If you live out of county Galway or abroad, web sessions are also available.


Tiger balm evokes strength and vitality!

This particular balm provides an effective temporary relief for aches and pain of muscles and joints.

Enjoy a warm and cold action at the same time!


Tiger Balm