Meet Célinethe Person Behind AromaCéline

Céline has a Passion for Plants and their Vibrations

She is a holistic massage therapist with knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils; a real passionate about their marvels and how the metabolism reacts with the olfactory sense. She keeps studying plants and energetics science since she has started using essential oils in 2002, constantly updating her knowledge. 

She is also an intuitive and a creative person. After having worked for more than 15 years in the film industry in France, she decided to train in alternative medicines (energy massages and aromatherapy) and to settle in Ireland in order to have a better quality of life. She moved to County Galway in 2006 without a word of English.

She could be described as a person with guts, perseverance and highly motivated to help people to complete their life projects; creative with the ability to accept uncertainty and a hard worker. She is in good health mentally and physically as long as she follows her goals always seeking to keep her integrity intact.

If you are surfing in her website, you might meet her on your path, who knows?

Her mission is to do her best to help you in your healing process.
You are Unique, You need the Best for Yourself!  

A Passionate & Intuitive Person


Céline Gien

the Person Behind AromaCéline

Céline is a massage therapist using aromatherapy, olfactotherapy and oleotherapy since 2002.

She provides her services in couty Galway and also through web consultations.

She organises workshops for experiencing the therapies she practices.

Here what she says about herself:

My name is Céline Gien. I originally come from France.

Before to settle in Connemara, I was working in the film industry. And after been caught up for over 15 years in this madness of working, Life challenged me!

In 2002, I discovered the benefits of Aromatherapy and essential oils, herbal remedies and energy treatments such as shiatsu, reflexology, and various types of massages and healing technics.

Following my intuition, I started to blend my own oils to the aim to healing and reconnecting my broken parts with my body, mind and spirit.

On the positive comments from close friends - who were asking for their tailored oils too! -, I decided to pursue a career in aromatherapy and massage healing.

My knowlegde of aromatherapy and essential oils comes from 2 people, both chemists and aromatologist/aromatherapist, one from France and the other frome Belgium.

I studied massage and healing technics with French, Irish and Native American healers. I continue to improve steadily with new techniques.

To be closer to my priorities and way of living, in 2006 with my family, we have chosen to settle in Ireland.

We now have the life we want, facing the Burren and Aran Islands.

I have to say, alternative medicines put me back on tracks to continue my journey!

Aromatherapy has changed my life in 2002, it may change yours too!

I will be happy to help you in your healing process doing the best I can to support you with my little bottles full of Love & Gratitude!

Feicfidh mé sibh go lua, le cua Día!

Lé grá agus mile buíochas, Céline.


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