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Our Core Service

We offer services made by hand and only tailor therapeutic oils according to a person specific needs.

We Do Our Best

Our passion for plants and our experience using essential oils since 2002, are based on how their vibratory rates interact with the energy fields of human beings to evolve the consciousness and well-being. 

  • Using only ingredients that come from Nature and have been used since Antiquity
  • Which have wonderful active properties and amazing components
  • Simple ingredients which make the magic happens!
One Formula per Tailored Oil

All cares are 100% made by hand from organic and ethical ingredients.

- Each tailored oil is unique, as personalised to a person specific needs
- Your cares are tailored within 2 days following a consultation in clinics or though a Skype session
- The therapeutic & relaxing cares rebalance the emotional life and harmonise the vital energies (physical, mental and psychological)
- Each synergy is created to deal with your own life
- They bring you peace and well being

What do handmade, tailored and organic therapeutic & relaxing oils products mean?

- Tailored with you in mind
- Respond efficiently to specific needs
- For women, men and children
- For physiological, emotional, energetic & spiritual issues
- Free from parabens, chemicals, animal testing...
- Exceptional organic quality
- Believes in what Nature has to offer

This is a handmade attention and very intricate process, with special attention given to the delicate properties of the plants, making a slow but very effective treatment individually tailored to the clients needs. Your skin gets its flexibility, your body its agility, your face just shines.

You are well provided with a big smily face from the early morning until the evening with your "personal touch" which accompanies you going out!

Our clientele is happy and satisfied.

5 Solutions

Skin Get your skin back to normal

A Skin Condition

Dry skin, acne, rosacea, scar, cellulite...
Body Get rid of a body pain

A Physiological Issue

Sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia...
Emotion Cope with your emotions

An Emotional Disorder

Following a sudden or old trauma
Aura Feel grounded, where you are into your body

An Energetic Balancing

To support your energy fields
FeelGood2 I want MINE!

Feel Good & Unique

You want your tailored oil

A Specific Service which Makes Each Oil Unique!

Each time you order a therapeutic oil, Céline creates your unique tailored formula

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