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A HairTherapy Session

Haircuts are done with a cut throat razor on dry hair.

We follow the moon calendar that helps to get more results such as fight hairloss, thick hair and volume.

Moon & Razor

This type of haircut harmonises energy on your scalp and central nervous system.

The moon makes to reach your goals quicker.

  • Only 1cm of hair is needed for this technique. Shape stays alive for few months :-)


Hair Therapy

Have you ever heard of "Haircut with a Cut Throat Razor"?

Lets consider the body like a musical instrument and the razor like a bow.

When hair is cut with a razor blade, this creates a vibration which resonates in your entire body.

This vibration passes through the hair strings stimulating the hair scales, activating the blood circulation and straightening the arrector pili muscles - small muscles attached to hair follicles. Then, hair follicles are fully irrigated by the blood.

Your hair looks, feels and is truly alive.

The cranial scalp, like a box of resonance, amplifies vibrations in the cortex, the brain and the inner ears. Those vibrations travel into the entire body through the cerebrospinal fluid, bypassing the mind.

Cutting hair with a cut throat razor is an awesome way to make contact with stuck emotional memories, cellular memories, pains and traumas.

This is why during a haircut:
- Cries sometimes come
- A feeling of anger, heat, cold, sadness disappears
- An electric sensation travels to a foot, a hip, your belly
- A pain gets released...
- And a yawn usually arrives at the end of your haircut :-)

The most common feedbacks are:

- A feeling of freedom and wildness
- A space for yourself
- A sensation of a new self


Haircut & Moon

Following the moon calendar is even more beneficial as your haircut gets more powerful. You can play with its strength, vitality, growth, dull, colour, length, grey hair...

The Lunar Hair Chart is a timeline and calendar for the best time to cut hair by the moon depending on your lunar goal. It’s advisable to trim your hair once a month for ultimate hair health, but this doesn’t mean you need to cut much–an 1/8th of an inch will do the trick!

By removing dry, dead, and split ends, your hair can focus on growing, instead of trying to restore those ends that are beyond help. Similar to a plant in a garden, “deadheading,” or removing dead blooms allows the plant to focus on growth.

This cut helps to jump start the growth cycle by shocking your hair from the tip to the root. Cutting hair by the moon on a specific lunar day will multiply these effects.

Goals for Cutting Hair by the Moon
There are five hair goals that we can focus on when cutting hair by the moon:

Shocks and excites your hair growth patterns, causing your hair to grow two to three times faster than normal.

Promotes the activation of new growth cycles in your bulb and hair follicles that thicken the follicle.

Enables roots, follicles, and bulbs to increase and strengthen your growth patterns, producing stronger and more resilient hair.

*Root Work
Shocks the entire growth cycle, aiding your hair and scalp in all aspects of hair growth and scalp improvement, this should be a base in your cutting routine.

Improves and evens the texture and sheen of hair as well as enhances and refines waves and/or curls.


Are you ready to start?

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Session Fees

  • €75 for an adult & €45 per child
  • €100 if you choose the option massage & haircut (a facial and back massage done with a Tibetan bowl)

Gift vouchers also available.

Many thanks.
In vibration, Céline


Clinic Location

Our practice is based in Gaway and in Ennis.


Other therapies provided

  • Chi Nei Tsang
    • an abdominal massage with physiological and psycho actions
  • Tuina massage
    • a pull & push massage for muscles and joints issues
  • Cupping therapy
    • to relax, drain fluids and toxins
  • Moxibustion
    • to mobilize the body's self-healing forces
  • Acupressure
    • finger stimulation of specific Chinese meridian points
  • Hairtherapy
    • haircut on dry hair with a rasor following the moon calendar
  • Tibetan Bowl Resonance
    • a sound therapy to redress imbalanced energies

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