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Therapeutic Oils handmade in Connemara
A Unique Formula Per Each Therapeutic Oil

A Unique Formula Per Each Therapeutic Oil

We only tailor therapeutic oils following a person specific needs to the aim to enhancing awareness and well-being in human beings. A consultation time is needed. Following your demand, goals and soul evolution, we will tailor and create your unique formulas on demand.

What we offer

Following your specific demand & needs

The essential oils vibration affects the energy fields of human beings challenging old patterns!

Human beings are all unique with their differences & characteristics.

A therapeutic & relaxing oil formula that works for someone may not work for another person, even if these 2 people have the same issues.

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Tailored Therapeutic Oils

To enhance awareness & well-being

Emotional, physiological, mental, energetic and spiritual issues.

Massage Sessions

To feel grounded, balanced & focused

Using essential oils, crystals, medicinal herbs or only by hands.


2 of hands-on intensive workshop trainings

Once Saturday a month in Naduir, Center for Holistic Health.


Naduir Holistic Centre, Saoirsinn, Furbo, co. Galway

If you live out of county Galway or abroad, web sessions are also available.