A ConsultationTo Meet your Individual Needs and Goals

Why a Consultation?

We only tailor therapeutic oils following a person specific needs. So we first meet to define what are your demand and goals before to create your unique formulas.

Why Unique Formulas?

The essential oils vibration affects the energy fields of human beings challenging old patterns.

A formula that works for someone maybe does not for another person as they are two different human beings. Plus, time goes on, so we do too!


When you book an aromatherapy appointment with Céline Gien, your consultation always starts with a questionnaire to fill in, even if she is not a doctor.

To meet your needs and goals, your appointment is integrative and the therapeutic oil made following your needs and desires, will promote and enhance your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

We find out and work together to develop the best natural and holistic way to use your tailored therapeutic care.

You might also get some recommendations and advices about essential oils, natural remedies, diet, exercises, breathing, grounding... and sometimes your vital energy fields are checked on the massage table.

Consultations are available for women, including pregnant and nursing women, men, children and infants.

For a following up, you just need to contact Céline and say "I need some top ups!".

What ailments benefit from an Aroma Consultation?

The Benefits of Aromatherapy and essential oils are very effective for all types of problems, be they physical, mental, emotional, energetic or even spiritual.

They do wonders in regard to problems of skin conditions and ageing, digestive problems (stomach and intestines), physiological issues (recalcitrant sciatic nerves, arthritis), hormonal and endocrine disorders, respiratory illnesses and also anxiety, panic attacks crisis, depression, stress, anxiety, clarity, grounding...

Céline Gien is a massage therapist using essential oils therapy since 2002. She also has clients in France, Belgium, Middle Est and America.

How to Book an Aroma Consultation?

If you live in Galway area, our clinic is available 

- In Furbo at Naduir, Center for Holistic Health

Use the contact form to schedule your appointment. If you prefer by phone, texting is the best.

Not mobile or not living in county Galway? 

If you are not mobile or living in another area, even a different country, Céline provides a face to face consultation using skype software.
The best option to schedule your web aroma consultation is to contact Céline through the contact form. After your payment received, she will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your face to face appointment. You stay cosy in front of your computer :-) 


An initial aromatherapy consultation costs €50 which includes:

- Up to 30 minute consultation
- A written report of the recommendations made during the consultation

A therapeutic oil tailored your specific needs starts from €27, depending on the needs. 

AromaCéline uses AnPost services to deliver parcels to your door. Shipping fees following the registered mode.

If you have any questions and queries, feel free to contact Céline.


A 24-hour cancellation policy applies.

if you wish to cancel your appointment 24 hours notice is required or the full cost of your treatment will be charged.


As the client, it is your personal right and responsibility to make educated choices for yourself and your family. As a therapist, Céline does not diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for illness. Her role is to consider you as a whole person, to give you recommendations, and to do her best to help you in your healing process.

A Specific Service which Makes Each Oil Unique!

Each time you order a therapeutic oil, Céline creates your unique tailored formula

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