Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm


Tiger balm evokes strength and vitality!

This particular balm provides an effective temporary relief for aches and pain of muscles and joints.

Enjoy a warm and cold action at the same time!

Therapeutic Uses

Traditional Therapeutic Uses

There is 4 traditional uses.

  • Muscle aches

    • Tiger Balm is an ointment used to relieve muscle pain when overworking, backache, arthritis and any musculoskeletal problem
    • By improving the flow of energy and blood, the Tiger Balm allows the muscles to relax and reduces inflammation of joints and tendons
    • It relieves pain and helps the healing process
  • Migraines and headaches

    • This ointment is also used to relieve migraines and headaches, mild to moderate in intensity
  • Mosquito bites

    • It can be applied locally to relieve mosquito bites
  • Cough

    • It helps to clear the respiratory tract when applied on the chest and on the back, when coughing


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