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    Céline offers hands-on intensive workshop trainings in Naduir Center!

    Once Saturday a month, we teach how to use Essential Oils and Carrier Oils with safety.

    Our workshops are personal, nurturing, and informative. They are a great introduction to Aromatherapy (essential oils science) and Oleotherapy (carrier oils science) and how those sciences can benefit your personal and professional life. Participants also make their own tailored oil care following personalised advices and take it home!

    Experience & learn the powerful therapeutic benefits of carrier & essential oils to bring your mind, body, soul and skin into balance!

    "Pre-registration required and a prepayment will guarantee your spot"

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  • Clear Space Spray

    Clear your space with this safe spray!

    This spray contains a safe & effective natural blend that clears space boosting your energy.

    Use this spray around your space for a quick and easy energy boost with a powerful clearing effect.

    For space, tools & body clearing.

    Very efficient to disperse residual energy in rooms - therapy rooms - or in air conditioning spaces - air planes.



  • Create your own Aromatherapy Gifts for Xmas

    Create your own Aromatherapy Gifts for Christmas!

  • Experiencing Essential Oils Workshop - Aromatherapy Level 1

    Release emotions & physiological issues with no side effects!

  • Face & Eye Salve

    An ultra-rich, ultra-moisturising organic facial ointment!

    An ultra-rich, ultra-moisturising organic ointment that encourages healing, soothes dry and irritated skin and nourishes eye contour skin with no greasy feeling.

    From sourced, organic and biodynamic ingredients.
    Contains no water, petroleum, preservatives nor nasty chemical ingredients.

  • My Healthy Home Sweet Home

    "My Healthy Home!"

    Dear Aroma Fan,

    Since I have been using essential oils in 2002, I always try new ways to use them.

    And If you are like me and blend your owns, you have certainly realised that a single essential oil can have several uses.

    Today, lets talk about household products and how to clean your house up to bottom with a 10ml bottle full of pure organic and sourced essential oils!

    Yes, a 10ml bottle :-)

    The Household Products

    If you shop in supermarkets, you might have noticed the massive universe of household products for home maintenance. 

    But have you noticed how they smell?

    Household Products Ingredients 

    Those products very often conceal derived pollutants to the environment which have a massive impacton our health, and not only on the environment.

    To cope with this real concern, I use essential oils.
    They offer an effective alternative devoid of toxic effects.

    Their everyday use is a sign of well-being, health and a source of vitality.

    A Natural Healthy Breathing

    The air quality is a major concern for public health. Many air pollutants are outside but also inside homes.

    The respiratory tract is the most fragile interface of the body.

    Asthmatic and allergic people with chronic bronchopulmonary infections are particularly susceptible to all molecules and particles carried by air currents and pollutants.

    What says the WHO about Derived Pollutants

    The World Health Organization (WHO) states that indoor air isabnormally loaded VOC (volatile organic compounds) such as:

    • Benzene (tobacco, gasoline vapor)
    • Toluene, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde (pressed wood , particles or fiber panels, glue, tape, tobacco smoke)
    • Naphthalene (found in dyes, pharmaceuticals, insect repellent such as mothballs)

    Proven or strongly suspected, many of these VOCs favor headaches, miscarriages, neurological and endocrine disorders and also certain cancers.

    How to Depollute?

    If essential oils have no capacity for the depollution process some plants are very helpful on this subject.

    And if you combine plants and essential oils, you really improve your air quality.

    • It is important to note that natural volatile aromatic molecules synthesized by plants does not form part of these synthetic and petrochemical VOC
    • Studies also show that people who live close to a forest have a better immunity than others
    • The volatile organic compounds of natural and plant origin that float in these wooded atmospheres seem to have excellent health benefits
    • Essential oils diffusion is highly recommended for everyone BUT 
      • Asthmatic or allergic people should only use essential oils without irritating respiratory impact choosing Lavender, Geranium, Katafray, Citrus, Pines...

    Depolluting Plants

    NASA has selected more than 100 plants with depolluting properties.
    They can be used as a filter for the air space stations, such as the spider plant, Boston fern, ficus, spatifilium, pothos, philodendron, cyclamen...

    Based on the principle that metabolism plants capture certain pollutants such as ammonia, toluene, benzene and other VOCs.

    So, they gradually purify the atmosphere.

    However, their performances are limited. This is why it is important to ventilate regularly the air housing.


    • Do not sleep in a from with plants as photosynthesis stops by night
    • Plants salt out carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen while restoring moisture
    • So it is not safe for the breathing of the sleeper 

    Tips for a Safer Environment

    By precautionary principle and prevention, it seems useful to reduce the sources of toxic pollutants and to boycott certain products unsafe for the respiratory tract.

    We ALL should get some ecological and effective habits, such as:

    • Airing 10 minutes a day your house
    • Avoiding to tinker inside
    • Move towards natural cleaning products
      • White vinegar and lemon juice (boiling, it is even more radical on limestone) to de-scale and sanitize surfaces

    Other alternatives:

    • The Marseille soap flakes are very effective for laundry and cleaning surfaces
    • Baking soda can be added to increase the effectiveness of stain removal or cleaning (do not use for wool, silk or aluminum objects)
      • On the rebel fat deposits (stove, hood, hob), use it pure and add a little lemon juice or white vinegar juice
        • It forms an effervescent foam which solubilizes deposits


    Aroma Tips :-)

    You can also add some essential oils to provide pleasant fragrances.

    • All species of Pine, Ravintsara, Cajeput, Eucalyptus create fresh atmospheres, invigorating and stimulating breathing
    • Lemon and Bergamot are milder cleansing, fruity and soothing
    • Clove and Cinnamon offer deodorising fragrances that enhance the overall flavor of the synergies and exhibit unique properties to fight against bacteria, viruses, molds and dust mites
    • The essential oil of lemon Verbena is particularly recommended to eliminate mites, fungus and mold
      • Use it in the bathroom to avoid fungal nail infections from spreading among family members
      • Aeration of the bedrooms, laundry, linen at 60° with a rinsing solution (a glass of white vinegar + 30 drops of lemon Verbena)

    My Formula for a Healthy Home!

    In a 10ml glass bottle with a dropper, poor:

    • 120 drops of lemon Verbena
    • 120 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil
    • 50 drops of Scots Pine essential oil
    • 10 drops Ravintsara essential oil


    • Sanitizing, air purifying, support immunity occupants (atmospheric scattering)
    • Mild antiseptic surfaces, floors and fabrics, fight against mold, bacteria and fungi (spray on surfaces)
    • Deodorizer ambient air, drawers or closets (local trash, shoes)
    • Participates in the fight against mites and reduces risks of allergic reactions (bedroom)

    Different ways to use it:

    • For diffusion
      • Up to 10 drops in the water supply of the diffuser for 15 minutes
        • Repeat every 2 hours
        • Do not diffuse essential oils babies and asthmatic and allergic people
    • For floors
      • for 1 liter of warm water, dilute 20 drops of this synergy in the ecological cleaner liquid soap
        • Wash as usual
    • For kitchen surfaces
      • 3-5 drops on the sponge after cleaning the surface
    • To clean bedding and cousins
      • dilute 90 drops of synergy in 1 liter of water
        • Without ceasing to shake, spray the surfaces to be treated
        • Leave for 30 minutes then vacuum
        • Repeat daily during one week, then maintenance once per week

    We will run a workshop in early 2016. Let us know if you are in :-)

    Feel free to share with friends and tell them to subscribe if they are interested in aromatherapy, essential oils and how to use them!
    Thank you, dear aroma fan.

    Happy cleaning!

    With Love & Gratitude,


  • Wholesome Skincare Workshop - Oleotherapy Level 1

    Get your skin back into balance with natural & organic beauty ingredients!

  • Winter Jing Spray

    Winter Jing Spray, a great Helper for your Adrenal Glands!

    In Chinese medicine, JING means energy, also called essence. Jing is THE most important energy that we have in our metabolism.

    This blend made from sourced & organic essential oils and perfumer alcohol helps to support and restore your kindey energy and its adrenal glands.

    Use this spray as an aura spray, into your hands, tune breathing into it and also gently tap your lower area right under your ribs for a more efficient action.

    Very efficient in case of heavy fatigue, burn-out and during winter season.


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