Taoist Practices

in the West of Ireland

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Therapeutic Oils handmade in Connemara
An abdominal massage called 'Chi Nei Tsang'

Chi Nei Tsang, an internal organ chi abdominal massage

Chi Nei Tsang means an internal organ chi massage. A type of internal Qi Gong.

According to the Oriental medicine, The Tan Dien (a litte area at 3 to 4 cm below the navel) is our main vital enegy centre by which we access to all major organs.

This centre is the hub of our second brain, also the eteric nervous system, a door to reach underlying emotional issues that we might not be fully conscious of.

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Tailored Therapeutic Oils

To enhance awareness & well-being

Emotional, physiological, mental, energetic and spiritual issues.

Massage Sessions

To feel grounded, balanced & focused

Using essential oils, medicinal herbs, moxibustion, neddle or only by hands.


Haircuts done with a cut throat rasor

Following the moon calendar and cycles.


In Spiddal, co. Galway

If you live out of county Galway or abroad, aromatherapy web sessions are also available.


Get your skin back into balance with natural & organic beauty ingredients!

Nourish, protect, lubricate, hydrate & smooth your skin
with ingredients that come from Nature since ever!

Experience the powerful therapeutic benefits of carrier oils
to bring your skin into balance.

Last hands-on workshop training of 2015

Saturday, 21st November

Duration: 2 - 5pm

Cost €50


Wondering what natural & organic beauty ingredients are and what they can do for you?

You will:
- Explore basic history, theory and safety
- Study some carrier oils, discover their therapeutic properties and know how to use them for pampering your family, friends skin and yours too
- Get to take home your own formula creation following your type of skin!


- Learn how to read cosmetic labels
- Understand your skin needs & main functions
- Discover the benefits of natural & organic beauty ingredients
- Use secrets and rules on a daily basis to get and keep a dazzling skin
- Get formulas for your face type which are approved by our clientele


€50 including refreshments, handouts and 2 aromatherapy skincares that you make and take home with you


Naduir, Center For Holistic Health, Saoirsinn, Furbo

"Pre-registration required and a prepayment will guarantee your spot".

Please note: Refreshments, handouts and materials to create your blended aromatherapy creation are included in the cost of this course. Bring your own pen/ pencil and notebook for additional notes. Thank you.